Jobability – Online Employment support for people with Disabilities

Jobability – Online employment support for people with disabilities is an online job portal that matches job seekers from people with disabilities with job vacancies, placements and resources. It provides a wealth of information and services for potential employees, employers and service providers, including advertising job vacancies online, managing applications, and providing access to training opportunities.


Jobability was developed by LCD through its Access to Livelihoods programme, which is supported by the Accenture Foundation. This programme helps people with disabilities across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, The Philippines and South Africa to gain the skills they need to enter employment or start their own business.


Jobability also contains a wide range of resources and information on disability and employment for job seekers, employees, employers, service providers and those who want to find out more about disability.


What Jobability offers:


  • For job seekers
  • For recruiters and employers
  • For service providers

Livelihoods Resource Centres (LRCs)


Direct, face-to-face support is also available through our Livelihoods Resource Centres (LRCs), which provide training and career guidance for disabled job seekers and create links with employers to support people with disabilities to enter the world of work.


To contact one of our LRCs please visit

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