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What is Daisy
DAISY is an internationally recognised accessible multi-media publishing system, compatible with the World Wide Web. This new way of publishing is opening up a much wider choice of reading for individuals who are blind and others who are unable to use standard-sized print.
For decades, the audio cassette (and before that the vinyl record) was the only way in which the majority of individuals unable to read print could access information. But, for anything other than reading a book from one end to the other, these analogue formats were simply inadequate.
DAISY is an acronym for Digital Accessible Information SYstem. The original concept for DAISY was born from the need for accessible audio that could be used by individuals unable to read print, as easily and efficiently as a sighted person uses a printed book.
At its inception in the early 1990s, the ‘A’ in ‘DAISY’ represented the word ‘Audio’. Much has happened since then, taking DAISY far beyond simple digital audio, and making DAISY truly ‘a better way to read’.
DAISY talking books can be helpful for students of all ages:
• DAISY provides an enriched multimedia reading experience that is completely accessible and navigable
• DAISY offers text and audio synchronization
• DAISY audio recordings can be made by professional or volunteer narrators, or can be generated as synthetic speech
• DAISY can support Braille output
• DAISY provides adjustable character display
• DAISY meets both simple and advanced reading needs
DAISY is for EVERYONE who needs accessible information and for EVERYONE who loves to READ
DAISY multimedia can be:
A talking book or computerized text, also a synchronized presentation of text and audio produced according to DAISY Standards. While reading a DAISY book, a reader can go to the next or previous page, chapter or sentence. These books can be distributed on a CD/DVD, memory card or through the Internet.
You can listen to DAISY books on:
• Standalone DAISY Players
• Computers using DAISY playback software such as AMIS
• Mobile phones
• Tablets (Android/Apple/Windows)
• MP3 players – with limited navigation
• iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
A computerized text DAISY book can be:
• Read using refreshable Braille display or screen reading software
• Printed as Braille book on paper
• Converted to a talking book using synthesized voice
• Printed on paper as large print book
• Read as large print text on computer screen
How is DAISY multimedia useful for students?
• Readers can place multiple bookmarks and move around quickly, therefore DAISY is ideal for locating material quickly when studying.
• The DAISY structuring allows essays and papers to be completed to academic standards with footnote details and bibliography.
• Some digital DAISY playback devices have the ability to record, so you can record lectures.





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  1. J Naresh Reply

    hi sir could you tell me where are other books aport from the current affairs i am not able to find them kindly inform me, and also tell me how to download them

    • vte Reply

      Dear Naresh only current affairs will be uploaded rest of the book you will get through CDs and DVD

  2. j naresh Reply

    hi sir while we are downloading current affairs it has been abrufting when it reach 99% why did happen so? kindly solve my problem

  3. D Shankar Reply

    thanks to visionthrough ears please make all the daisy books accessible by putting them for downloading.

  4. K. Raja Reply

    good evening sir.
    డైజీ అనేది ఏ విధంగా మనం ఉపయోగించుకొని చదువుకోవచ్చు? అలాగే డైజీ ఫార్మేట్ ఏ ప్లెయర్స్‌లో పని చేస్తుంది? ఈ మాట నేను ఎందుకు అడుగుతున్నానంటే ఒకసారి నేను డైజీ‌ని డౌన్లోడ్ చేసుకొని పరిశీలించాను. అది ‘స్మిల్’ అని చదువుతోందేగానీ నాకు పూర్తి పరిష్కారం దొరకలేదు. దయచేసి ఎలా దాన్ని ఉపయోగించుకోగలమో చెప్పగలరు.

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