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Vision through Ears is a voluntary service group which got started to help the visually challenged students who study in Telugu Medium. We happened to come across their problems face to face which instilled us to prepare Audio books of text books, question banks, story books and personality development books. Our objective is to make them self reliable to certain extent and to enable them to learn themselves, not totally depending on others.

Why Audio books?

  • We live in a world where education travels not only through text books but in various levels as big screens, small screens, computers, internet, newspapers and books of all kinds. But the plea of the Visually Challenged Student (VCS) is far beyond all this! And poverty is another curse that obstructs them to go far sophisticated technology.
  • It is true that Braille is one method to enjoy the written word to gain knowledge. But too expensive for an individual student to buy all the books of the particular class in Braille. For example, a set of V Standard text costs Rs 100 in market (it is free supply for all Government Schools) which in Braille costs Rs 600 and VI standard books costs Rs.1700. Secondly, the volume of books! For a single subject they have 4-5 books and for all 6 subjects they need a big suitcase to carry them all!
  • It is true that the development in technology has improved the standards of education of the visually impaired in this decade but not to the extent as it has developed for the normal student.
  • Audio books for the visually impaired give them ample opportunity to learn subjects, hear stories and know the happenings of the world. The scope of Audio books for the Visually Challenged Students (VCS) is unlimited paving way to enjoy art, music, drama, history, economics, geography, literature and many more.., This would have been a dream and un-imaginable a few years ago.
  • In the field of education, audio books have been notably helpful and a blessing to the visually challenged!

Our Vision

  • Preparation of Audio text books and Question banks from class I to Post Graduate level.
  • Preparation of Audio story books, GK books, Personality development books etc.,
  • Free distribution of Audio books to various schools  and students spread in the State
  • Free SMS service to the VCS for career opportunities. (launching shortly)
  • Extending help to VCS and Schools for visually challenged in Computer Education, installation of Screen Reading Software and other relevant Software which are useful to them.
  • Helping the Visually Challenged Teachers who are working in normal schools by preparing Audio Text books.
  • Free exchange of audio books with other Voluntary groups who work on parallel lines
  • Guidance / Counselling and motivating VCS on self reliability.

Achievement till now….,

Audio Text and guide books

  • X  Class all subject Audio Text Books
  • Intermediate I year and II year Economics, Civics and Special Telugu Audio books   (A collaborative project with Samrita trust, Hyderabad)
  • M.A Final Year Political Science Guide Audio Books(Andhra University Distance Education)
  • M.A Final Year Telugu literature Audio Text books(Andhra University Distance Education)
  • Telugu Grammar audio book
  • Computer fundamentals in Telugu ( for Visually challenged students)
  • D.Ed Psychology and Science methodology text books
  • General  Knowledge for Competitive Exams
  • Telugu Velugu and prasnothara koumudi books

Distribution of Audio books:

Sl No                    Name of the Audio Book No. of Cds distributed
1 X th class all subjects 449
2 Inter 215
3 B.A 51
4 M.A Telugu 31
5 M. A Politics 26
6 D.Ed 13
7 B.Ed 39
8 Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) 110
9 General Knowledge for Competitive exams 56
10 Others ( DSC, Psychology, Computer fundamentals, Softwares, 120
Total 1080

Distribution of DVD Players to the Visually Challenged Students.

Sl No Name of the Student/ institution Sponsorer Name of the I tem
1 Phani Kumar, Kakaraparru, W.G.Dist Smt Bhagya Lakshmi, Kurnool 1 DVD player
2 Lakshminarayan, Madakasira, Anantapur Dist Sri Prabhakarachari, Hindupur 1 DVD player
3 Nirmala, Gorantla, Anantapur Dist K. Vasudev, Hindupur 1 DVD player
4 D. Ed students of DIET College Bukkapatnam Sri K. Ravi Kumar, Hyderabad and  Smt. Shobha Rani, Hindupur 3  DVD players
5 Nagamani, Tirupathi Sri Rama Bramham, Anantapur 1 DVD player
6 Swarnalatha, Hyderabad 1 DVD player
7 Ramesh, Hindupur 1 DVD player
8 Rafiq, Hindupur Smt. Padmaja, Kurnool 1 DVD player
9 Rammohah, Guntakal Sri M. Ramanamurthy, Anantapur 1 DVD player
10 Prasad,  Nallamada, Kadiri Sri Ramabrahmam, LIC, Kadapa 1 DVD player
11 Ramya, Narasaraopeta Smt Vasanthi, Hindupur 1 DVD player
12 Venkata Ratnam, Narasapuram Dr. M. Ramesh Babu, Shadnagar 1 DVD player
13 Andha Mahilala Ashramam, Kurukunta, Anantapur Y. Jaya Kumar, Mumbai 2  DVD players
14 Venkata Narayan, Battalapalli Y. V. Seshaiah 1 DVD player
15 H. Babu, Hindupur T. V. Ramana Murthy, London 1 DVD player
16 Bhanappa, Hindupur 1 DVD player
17 Yogesh, Kadiri 1 DVD player
18 Sivamma, Bijenahalli, ATP Ramana Murthy, Anantapur 1 DVD player
19 Bhanu Priya,Hindupur Lakshmi Narayana, Hindupur 1 DVD player
20 Andha Mahilala Ashramam, Kurukunta, Anantapur Smt. Y. Sadguna, Wisconson, USA Computer with screen reading software’s

Distribution of Brailly Kits:

Distributed 110 nos of Brailly kits which were supplied by Samrita Trust, Hyderabad to the Visually challenged boys and girls  of Anantapur and Kurnool Districts who were mostly dropouts from school or without education due to their blindness. Such students were enlightened about brailly script and given easy learn brailly kits. Thanks to Samrita trust who has given us opportunity to distribute in the above two districts.

Future Projects:

1.M.A Telugu and Politics First year Audio books

2. NET exam audio books (Telugu Literature)

3. General Studies for Competitive Exams

‘VIHANGAM’ – Current affairs Magazine

From January 2012, Vision through Ears Group bringing “VIHANGAM” a  monthly Current Affairs Audio Book in Telugu  Exclusively for Visually challenged students who are facing  much  difficulty in updating their knowledge like us. This project will be run with the help of our Group Members. Each Group member will bear the cost of the above magazine for one poor Visually Challenged Students per year in his membership amount. Hence We are inviting more members as a financial supporters as well as volunteers.

The part of a voluntary Social member:

Our activities are mainly on voluntary service. So any kind hearted Samaritan* can join as a member and do any related activity as per your interest. We welcome as many likeminded volunteers/ members to join hands in this endeavour.

You can join as an authorized member on a membership of Rs.600/per annum

If you wish to do service without a membership and do honorary service, we welcome that also. The membership amount will be used to buy Voice Recorders, CD mailers, CDs and CD covers.

If you are interested to join as a member please contact us.

Contact Us:

Y. Uma Maheshwara Rao

Sericulture Officer

H.No. 3-27 B

Vinayaka Nagar,



Parigi Mandal

Anantapur District

Andhra Pradesh Pin: 515212

Email: umayarasi@gmail.com  



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